Infinity Group

 INFINITY GROUP (Infinity) is a consultancy expert in EU, National and
Regional funds and grants.

Infinity helps our clients to get funding, identifying the more adequate
programmes and projects.


Why to take in European Projects?


Who can participate?

Chambers of Commerce, Business Associations, City Councils, Local Development Agencies, Regional Governments, Foundations, SME/Large Companies, Universities, Technological Centres, Research Institutes.

We identify resources which better come to terms with your project and we take charge of its composition providing the necessary technical management.

Communication Actions Leaders in European Projects

Communication and Dissemination Strategies. Scientific and Technical Dissemination. Experience in IPR. Tools and Communication Plans. Knowledge of European Bodies’ Communication Sources. Website, Blog and Social Networks Management

Customised Training

European Training


Development and Implementation of European projects
Management and Financial Justification of European projects
R&D Funds
European Funding 2014 – 2020

Infinity Team

More than 10 years working in EU affairs…

More than 7 years working in EU affairs.
Departments: legal, financial, technical office, communication, training.
Consolidated experience in EU projects.
Knowledge in EU funding opportunities.
EU fund Evaluators and certificators
Project Managers.

Experience in European programmes

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